A downloadable game for Windows

A Game  done for  Brackeys Game Jam #2, 2019.

It's a Puzzle Based game where the player must match  Broken Hearts on either sides ,using the + and - Buttons.

The more levels you go up more types of hearts,you have to match.There is a Timer which within which the player must get the maximum number of Hearts.




Art:-MSPaint and PhotoShop

Music And SFX:-Made at  https://musiclab.chromeexperiments.com 


Build Notes:-

-I haven't tested nor  balanced things out as a lot of my work was done in the last minute , so  the levels may be  easy or hard and Bugs  may be flying all over the place.

Hopefully there are no Game Breaking Bugs!!If so let me know...I can fix'em.


Being My First  Game Jam,this has been a good experience.There are so many things which should have been improved  and I planned but couldn't execute. Nevertheless,I had fun making all the Stuff. 

The take way for me  in this,is Planning  and  having a Clear Idea is very important in Jams,as time is of an essence.



Build_For_WindowsAndWebGL.zip 28 MB

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